X-Ray Mobile App.

Monitor your assortments’, clusters and performance in stores and take corrective actions.

Retailigence X-Ray
Retailigence X-Ray

You have overcome 3 or 4 competitors when your customer chooses your store to step into. You have achieved this with diligent planning and offers in your stores.

Still, retailers lose 3-5% of total sales* due to in-store operational issues. This undoes your efforts at the last mile and leaks sales. Worse, it prevents shoppers from getting what they came for and risks losing them altogether.

*Exclusive industry data.

It is not enough to manage your stores, your categories and finalise the assortments. The assortment needs to be monitored for compliance and operational issues. The X-RAY app:

  • Highlights store issues causing items to be undersold
  • Monitors your assortments, clusters and performance in stores and enabling you to take corrective actions
  • Will recommend customer decision tree improvements once sufficient data is processed

Role based action dashboards to monitor business performance against plan:

The dashboards will alert your business to likely execution or operational issues and help conduct root cause analysis to guide issue resolution and continual process improvement.

X-RAY Mobile Application

The X-Ray Mobile app. is for store staff to drive on-shelf availability and avoid lost sales.


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