Vikas Singh

Vikas has over 8 years of experience in managing teams, integrating disparate systems and delivering optimized user experiences and product performances. As a Project Manager at Retailigence, Vikas brings his keen sense of innovation and accountability to ensure that multiple teams and processes remain in sync.

Vikas believes in empowering his team and believes in everyone’s growth around him. He is also a winner on the popular TV show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ but still chooses to work at Retailigence.

Miguel O’Donnell

Miguel O’Donnell is the service desk manager for Retailigence.

He is in charge of ensuring customer incidents or questions are resolved in a prompt and effective manner, providing escalation support where required and feeding information back into the business regarding weaknesses in the product that result in recurring incidents.

Sunita Rao

Sunita brings over 15 years of interface design experience across multiple domains and media including web and non-web applications.

At Retailigence, she is responsible for User Interface and Experience design. She is also actively involved in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation with a special interest in reptiles.

Lewis Smith

Lewis worked in Asda in innovative roles, creating merchandising, ranging and clustering tools and processes, including collaboration with multiple Walmart markets. Prior to this he was with Iceland Foods, integrating JDA Space planning, Floor planning, CKB and Planogram generator. He also invented the Helix category space tool.

Lewis has a degree in zoology and has a pet tarantula & a python

Phani Krishna

Phani is a Data Scientist with Agile software development experience. He has extensive experience in architecting and operating ETL techniques on large data sets to find opportunities for improved client business outcomes, as well as in a variety of machine learning techniques and advanced statistical techniques. Phani’s academic foundation includes a Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science and an M.S. in Information Technology.

Phani loves to explore different kinds of foods by traveling to different places.

Manthan Bhanushali

Manthan works as a cloud engineer at Retailigence. He has hands-on experience in handling GCP cloud architecture, docker, kubernetes, git, Automation (Terraform), Python and linux.

Manthan is a ‘curious learner’ who keeps updating himself in the world of technology. He believes in completing the work with utmost accuracy and as a keen landscape photographer, he loves to capture the beauty of nature through his lens.

Manasi Bagwe

Manasi is a skilled and collaborative back-end developer having a forte in Python and has acquired education and experience in all software sides of technology. She has good experience working with technologies such as Flask, Dask, Celery and Nginx. She also has knowledge in front-end development with Vue.js & JavaScript.

She is quick-witted and emphasises on timely completion of work at the same time.

Adarsh Patil

An expert server side developer, Adarsh is skilled in Python, MongoDB, SQL, Postgre SQL, Java, Html, CSS. He enjoys contributing to the fascinating technological advancements that occur every day at the Retailigence workspace.

A strong, fearless and adaptive person, Adarsh loves travelling, trekking and exploring. Loves painting and is always close to nature.

Vrushali Kamani

Vrushali holds experience in Quality Assurance, Research Management, Data Analytics and Data Mining. She has knowledge of using various visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI and is well versed with MS-Excel, Google Analytics.

She is fond of reading books and exploring new places in the surrounding.

Kunal Bafna

Kunal is backend software developer at Retailigence. He is experienced in using programming languages like Python, C++ and machine learning language.

A dyed-in-the-wool techy, Kunal has published a paper, participated in a project based on the Fraud Detection Systems and stood 1st in India in the Data Mining Cup – International Student Competition.

Being a techy does not stop him from enjoying and playing cricket whenever he finds time.

Vinit Solani

Vinit works as a Software Developer for Retailigence with expertise in front-end development, web development and is well versed with Vuejs. Vinit holds knowledge of IOT (Internet of Things) and web designing. He is also good at solving problems faced at the workplace.

He is always eager to learn new skills and excited to meet new people and socialize. He enjoys outdoor sports as much as he enjoys OTT culture of movies and web series.

Akanksha Vishwakarma

Akanksha works as an Associate Software Engineer at Retailigence. She is a diligent server-side developer and loves challenging work that that allows her to constantly upgrade her skills. Enthusiastic, patient, confident and cheerful, Akanksha is a true team-player.

She loves to travel and explore and she is passionate about singing as well as reading books of different genres.

Maulik Panchal

Maulik works as a Software Engineer at Retailigence. He is front-end developer who has expertise in Cloud Computing/Networking (AWS, GCP), CI/CD(Jenkins),Automation (Terraform, Ansible) & UI(VueJS). He is dedicated and focused towards his work who ensure the timely completion with accuracy in work and also loves the work he does.

He takes out time and enjoys different indoor and outdoor sports.

Harsh Gangar

Harsh is experienced in website architecture, product development, software deployment, web designing and also has immense knowledge about the working of the Google Cloud Platform. He has worked at various intricate user interfaces using Vue.js, JQuery, JavaScript, Python & Cloud.

He is a multitasker, good at team work and time management with a ready-to-learn attitude. He loves to travel across various regions and explore various foods.

Shubham Durugkar

Shubham is a proficient back-end developer having a forte in Python. He has acquired education and works in all software sides of technology.
In his spare time, Shubham likes to read and listen to music.

Rajesh Jethwa

Rajesh works as a Software Engineer at Retailigence. He is back-end developer with expertise in Cloud Computing/Networking.
Rajesh loves cricket, music and travelling.

Alex Porter

Alex is a part of the Retailigence test team. He joined us from the government Kickstart scheme.

Alex has been enjoying his time with the team and has gained quite a variety of experiences. Alex’s time is split between supporting the product via functional testing and incident resolution.

In his free time he enjoys miniature painting and online gaming.

Karthik Yadav

Karthik works as a Software Developer for Retailigence with expertise in front-end development, web development, including web-design and is well versed in Vuejs.
A good problem-solver, Karthik is ever eager to learn new skills.

Aside from work, Karthik enjoys outdoor sports as much as he enjoys the OTT culture of movies and web series.